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Victorian White Frame Conservatory Swansea

The quintessential conservatory Swansea

A Victorian conservatory for many people in Swansea is the quintessential conservatory because of its classical character and distinctive rounded shape.

The Victorian conservatory style was originally created during Victorian times as a place to grow plants that liked warmth and plenty of sunlight. Today the Victorian style conservatory is one of the most popular conservatory on the market in Swansea.

The main feature of a Victorian style conservatory is its multi faceted front which produces a majestic curve which instantly adds style and elegance to any City centre or North and South Gower home. With its wide angles, a three bell shape conservatory will give the most pronounced shape while the five-bell model has a subtle rounded bay front with five main window, which is 

However like the Edwardian style conservatory this style of conservatory offers a wide range of variants meaning that no two MPN Swansea conservatories need be exactly alike, our design team at MPN can guide you through the process of designing your perfect structure to make the most of the shape and floor space to suit your style of home.

The MPN Victorian style conservatory combines modern day benefits of low maintenance PVCu frames combined with the elegance of a bygone era. The Victorian’s pvc A rated double glazed units help keep your home cosy and draught-free in winter and cool and sunlit in summer.

The Victorian style conservatory can easily be combined with Regency or Edwardian conservatory features to create the look you’re after.

Victorian Conservatory Extension Swansea

Lean to conservatory – Mediterranean style conservatory Swansea

The Mediterranean style conservatory also known as the lean-to conservatory, with its distinctive lean-to roof is the most uncomplicated – and often most economical solution where a more complex design would be inappropriate or impracticable.

Whether you require your new lean-to conservatory to be traditional or contemporary, this style conservatory is perfect for Swansea properties that have restricted space under the eaves such as a bungalow, or perhaps it’s in an area that’s too awkward to accommodate a conservatory. This is because the pitch of the roof on lean-to conservatories can vary, so a shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof and a steeper one would be ideal for a terraced house.

A lean to conservatory is an elegant glass extension to your home helping bridge the interior or your Swansea – Abertawe home with your garden. A lean-to conservatory from MPN is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes to complement your home. Colours include classic white, light oak, mahogany or rose wood or for a bespoke colour choose from our foil range such as fir green, cream, grey, sage green or black. Glazing options are also on offer including Georgian bars, leaded squares or diamonds.

A Swansea loggia redefines the standard conservatory in every way

Quite simply a Loggia conservatory is no ordinary standard conservatory it is a Swansea home extension revelation. The Loggia extension is a unique building concept that exceeds expectations and totally redefines the conservatory.

The loggia conservatory is an impressive addition to any City Centre and North or South Gower home as it’s built with all the style and solidity of an extension, making it an excellent investment at an affordable cost while adding value to your home. Not only do Loggia conservatories look great they are built to stand the test of time.

Internally a Loggia conservatory is just like a standard home extension with solid plastered walls, energy efficient glazing, well crafted feature roof , electrics, and superb thermal performance meaning they can be used for almost any purpose and all year round.

Add a touch of elegance to your Swansea home

An Edwardian conservatory from MPN Swansea as the names suggests takes it’s styling from the Edwardian period, with their straight lines with a front flat and apex roof.

An Edwardian conservatory from MPN would provide maximum floor space internally, and the style of roof rises back to a central point providing symmetry of design. The addition of a flat gable end instead of a chamfered roof can add a more geometric finish with cleaner lines that help it to blend in with more modern Swansea homes.

An Edwardian style conservatory would provide plenty of room for your table and chairs, playroom, three-piece suite even your office or pool table.

As with the Victorian, door positioning offers choice but give some thought to the practicalities. Dwarf walls are an option as always but glass to ground on a gable style can help to accentuate the geometric styling. For the opposite effect in a conventional non-gable style Edwardian, a lantern roof can soften the geometric lines.

The possibilities with an edwardian conservatory are endless whether you require an extra sitting room, dining room, garden room, office or playroom this design of conservatory has endless potential.

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